About Marisa

Marisa Marulli is an explorer, photographer and journalist with a passion for connecting people to the otherwise unknown.

In her explorations of remote places like the Arctic Circle, Siberia, Iceland and more, Marisa discovers that the "unknown" does not only refer to unexplored places, but also to unknown, difficult-to-access circumstances or feelings.

Within the desire to explore the unknown, she has taken special interest in the hard and often muted topic of the human experience: the necessary discovery of our true selves. She is fascinated by the individual human experience, the power of the shifts within us, and she holds the mission of inspiring people to discover what we truly want for our lives and to go after that with all we've got. 

As true to her as the quest to find our true selves, Marisa is passionate about exploring an equally challenging topic: the conservation of the Earth. She believes that as we uncover the true facets of ourselves, we inherently acknowledge and honor our heritage and connectedness with Planet Earth.

Marisa carries out her missions through her journalism, photography and guided tours around the world. Please contact her with inquiries or regarding partnerships.