We are a Collective of explorers, photographers and journalists with a passion for connecting people to the unknown.



In our explorations of remote places like the Arctic Circle, Siberia, Iceland and more, we discover that the "unknown" does not only refer to unexplored places, but also to unknown, difficult-to-access circumstances or feelings.

We have taken special interest in the hard and often muted topic of the human experience: the necessary discovery of our true selves. We are fascinated by the individual human experience, the power of the shifts within us, and we hold the mission of inspiring people to discover what we truly want for our lives and to go after that with all we've got. 

As true to us as the quest to find our true selves, we are passionate about exploring an equally challenging topic: the conservation of the Earth.

We believe that as we uncover the true facets of ourselves, we inherently acknowledge and honor our heritage and connectedness with Planet Earth.



Marisa used to think so much she never did much. One day, she decided she’d play the side of her hopes and dreams and take the time investment away from her doubts and fears. It didn’t feel easy, but she was tired of the alternative. So she embraced a “fake it til you make it” mentality with herself. She ‘faked’ it. She quit her cubicle job and acted as if things would fall into place. She acted like her dreams were right. Then, she hopped on a plane and acted like she knew what she was doing. Then, she built her business. And now she’s here.

Marisa wants you to join her. Set yourself free. She welcomes you to browse through her expeditions and sign up for the one that speaks to you.



One of Marisa’s favorite poets, David Whyte, released a book titled “Everything Is Waiting For You.” If only we could tell our kids that the real magic happens when you finally believe in yourself and invest in yourself. You just take that leap, and then bam — it’s like everyone was waiting for you all along to just make the move. Marisa went from being an administrative assistant to being an administrative assistant to renouncing it all for her passion, and then the Universe swept in and said, “Well, hello there!

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If you haven’t noticed, we use our words around here. During the process of making her dreams a reality, Marisa thought and felt a lot of things. She figures if she could pack those ‘things’ into tangible, digestible, little blog nuggets, it would help people understand all of this (the feelings, the thoughts) is normal and in fact necessary to creating what you want for your life.

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Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment.
— Rumi