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Beautiful Moon, Show Me Your Craters!

The solution for how to photograph the moon:

  • Set your camera up on a tripod

  • I like to try a nice telephoto lens like a 70-200

  • Put your camera in Manual mode

  • Set your aperture to f11

  • Set your shutter speed to around 1/125 or 1/250 

  • Set your ISO to 100-200

  • Now that your general settings are ready to go, you need to achieve focus on infinity (which is where the moon is). Don’t forget about this part! 

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The supermoon, the regular moon and you

This week’s supermoon is said to be the brightest moon us Earthlings have seen in about 70 years. Naturally, this occurrence has stirred our species’ long-standing questions about our connection to the moon: does it affect our moods, sleep cycles, menstrual cycles, reproductive patterns? 

The moon has always been a major subject - permeating all races, species and time. Think about the age-old folklore of wolves howling at the moon, the English word "lunatic" (derived from Latin "luna" which means "moonstruck"), or Shakespeare’s Othello: "It is the very error of the moon, she comes more nearer the earth… and makes men mad..."

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