That Right Road

That right road.

I think we’re all looking for it. 

But it’s a funny thing; you can’t always see it, you can’t always hear it. 

It’s something you find yourself on from time to time and get acquainted with eventually. 

Usually and hopefully, you can feel when you’re on it. And once you’ve tasted it, slowly you begin intentionally tracking your life towards it.

That right road is the path you want to be on. 

Some of us find ourselves on ours, some are navigating towards ours now, and some others prefer an easier and more usual path.

I’m interested in the group that knows of our right path, has worked hard to determine what it means for us, and is trying against any adversity of life, any mediocracy, and everything in between, to navigate towards it now.

For this group, it becomes a matter of the wolf we feed.

You see, this group usually has a challenge - as we may not be consistently inclined to make the right daily choices for our right road. 

We face this daily challenge for many reasons: before we knew about our road, we were raised to believe in other routes, or - more currently - outside influences are tempting us to the ease of the regular roads.

When faced with these daily choices, our inclinations to revert to the regular, complacent roads we knew can creep up. 

But it becomes a question of:

Which way do you want to have everything take you?
What do you really see for your life?
Is it really this person and you forever?
That town, that job? Is that what you want, will that make you the happiest life, will it help complete your soul?

These questions feel simple - that’s the point of them really. To help us really boil down to the truth of what we want for our lives.

Because in the process and details of day-to-day life, we can find ourselves going after something that is not congruent with the answers to the above questions.

And that’s okay. It’s only human to find ourselves at this place, sometimes. But next time you find yourself confused or struggling with your choices, ask the above questions again. 

Ask yourself: Do I want to keep living this version of my life or do I want to finally have the technicolor life I’ve always dreamed of?

And once you’ve answered with the latter, when you find yourself ready, this desire for your right road, this something different… it has to outweigh any other choice. 

Each and every step of the way, it has to get to a place where making the right choice outweighs all alternatives.

It’s also a continual process. So maybe you broke your mold and got through one step, but you still need to find that place of outweighing on the next. 

Because sometimes your patterns, your tendencies, they try to come back.

But if you’re going to break them, you simply outweigh. You get to that moment, dammit. You fight the good fight. You don’t let something else overcome you.

Who is to say you don’t deserve the life you dream of?!

So much of it comes down to choice. And that’s a good thing. It’s a great thing; you have a choice! 

Do you want to keep living this life or do you want to break free? Do you want to meet the status quo or find your own way to succeed?

That’s the good fight - the hero’s journey. Some people are born with it, some could care less about it, and then there are those that found it and once they found it, it was a whole journey to grab it, hold it, maintain it, feed it.

For this last group, it was a walk. A climbing of stairs. Each time you get up one step, you get up the next.

But the staircase becomes amazing. It gets more enjoyable, more beautiful, more peaceful, happier, people show up along the way, love finds you there… on your path.

So don’t give up on yourself - even if you find yourself in a moment of weakness where you’re thinking about the easier way so much. 

You know the thoughts: 

Oh maybe I’ll just let things be.
I’ll just get comfortable with this situation in front of me. 
I’m not happy in my job but maybe I can make myself happy in it. 
I guess I can find this situation rewarding if I look at it from someone else’s point of view.
This acquaintance of mine leaves me feeling bad about myself, but sometimes they’re really fun to be around.
Maybe those red flags are just yellow. 
Maybe it’s me. 
Maybe I’m rushing it.
Let me just wait here and see what could possibly come. 

Those are just a mental game. They are not real.

When those thoughts come, it’s back to a matter of choice. Choose which wolf you feed. Stay focused on the hope in front of you. On your path. Don’t look sideways or backwards. 

If you catch yourself in this situation, then try to bring yourself back, gently - not harshly or reprimandingly - and then, the wolf you feed… 

It eats.
It digests.
It makes friends.
It lives.
It tries to thrive and develops survival modes.
It grows.
It explores.
It tries to connect to others.
It connects the dots in situations.
It makes choices.
It attracts.
It reproduces.

And that’s why it’s so important that you feed the right wolf because if not, you’ll be buried in the life of something else… trying to unravel a whole life. 

So grow a great wolf. Put a great wolf into the world.


Marisa Marulli