The Moments of Being Alive

The Moments of Being Alive

This life has so much beauty to it. Such incredible moments. Can you feel them? You know which ones. Feel back to them for me. Remember that moment your husband looked you square in the eye on that first date. Remember that rush.

Remember that peaceful feeling of the warm breeze grazing your face on your way home after an entire day spent out in the sun. Remember the way it felt when someone looked at you and cried with appreciation for something you did for them, fascinated by your giving.

These feelings are so, so special. They are the essence of life. We get to feel them and be cognizant of them. Cognizant of our happiness. We can joke about it and say a dog is happy and he doesn’t even really know it, but at least he’s happy. 

We get this incredible ability to be aware of our happiness. And with that, yes, aware of the sadness. But as you know, the knowledge of one allows for the understanding of the other. With that same understanding, you have the ability. With that empathy, you have the drive to choose to create and spread as much happiness as possible.

The mystery of life isn’t a problem to solve but a reality to experience.

Acknowledging happiness is enough. There’s no requirement for you to do anything more with it. You’re not supposed to analyze the hell out of it to the point where you can’t feel it anymore. You’re just supposed to have an extra little nod for that moment when you realize oh man, wow, this is it - this is amazing.

It adds an extra layer of feeling.

And in that moment you send something out into the universe. It’s appreciation, it’s respect, it’s gratefulness, it’s honoring the beauty of the world. It’s asking for more of it in your life. It’s sending those good vibes you acknowledge out to the universe. You’ve created this feeling, this feeling has been created in you, and now you choose what happens with it. 

Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. 

Harness it, spread it.

You can create more of these moments in your life. You can create an overall, more sustained feeling of happiness. If you really feel into the moments. You remember where you were, what you were doing, and how important it is for you to feel that amazingness again. Truly, it’s very important to you, right? It should be. For yourself. For your soul. For your health. Don’t diminish the intrinsic fact that you were put into this world to feel the beauty and magic of it.

Maybe it’s a moment in the midst of a heartache, where you’re in a totally new setting with new people and a good song comes on and the car windows are down and you have this ah ha moment: I’m going to be okay. What a relief. Relieving moments. 

Even if it’s just for a moment, it happened.

Runners’ highs. Small epiphanies when the sun rays streak across the sky, or a burst of laughter when you’ve been so serious for so long. 

Those breaks in the sadness, the darkness. They’re huge. Feel them. Let yourself have them. Do everything possible in your life to get more of those moments, and don’t let anything else bring you down or make you feel like you were put here to feel anything less.

You tell the negativity in your life that it’s all done. I am done with you. You don’t serve me anymore. The negativity any person brings into your life is in that person. It is not of you. They are the ones bringing it to you. You’re not bringing it to yourself. See it for this truth. Don’t take on any of it. Stay in the light.

Find the light. Harbor the light. Become the light and spread the light.

As much as I want this to simply be a feel-good post, there’s more to it. But it’s not some bad punch line or awful task. I’m asking you to contribute to that light. I ask you to spread it. 

You need to spread the light because maybe someone near you (or maybe it’s you right now) is in a dark moment, phase or year. Maybe it’s all very clearly in their hands or maybe it’s something more intangible, more seemingly outside of themselves. 

They’ll need to read this. So they can be transported back to their own moments with the light. And maybe they’ll look a little harder - with this in their minds - for the next moment.

The whole world can use more light.

Part of it is about where you focus. What you accept, what you harness and bring. If you create and contribute to more light in the world, more light will be found.

The light is there. Find it. Hunt those moments down. Keep them. Harbor them. Continue them. Let them thrive when they walk into your life. Then, spread it all. With everything you’ve got.

And hey, you’re new to this. You’re no professional human. No expert on this thing called life. So lighten up a bit. Cut yourself a break. Run wild. Be happy and live free. 

Find your peace, and don’t settle until you get there… Whatever it is that you know you have to give to this world.

And on your journey, breathe in those crazy beautiful rushes of feelings. Show your secrets. Throw yourself out there. Get those butterflies. Get nervous. Fall in love. Stare up at the stars. Let your voice crack. Explore your body’s weightlessness as you swim.

Do it all with a good and kind and open heart.

These are the moments. Close your eyes. Inhale. Take them all in.

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