Shimmering Mirages of the Mojave

in the nevada desert

APRIL 11 - APRIL 14, 2019

$4,500 (per person, single occupancy)

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SAVE $500



As a seasoned landscape photographer, one day I took an odd yet intriguing job outside of my comfort zone and soon descended into the swamp with a model. I figured this was close enough to my landscape shoots, just that I had to deal with one extra little detail I wasn’t particularly excited about: a ?staged? model in my scene. Within minutes of crawling around next to this model, my photographic world was turned upside down (or rightside up)! I felt my photographic creativity and passion reinvigorated in a whole new way.

Realizing the dramatic potential of stepping outside of my creative wheelhouse in a low-pressure yet fully-resourced environment, I got to talking with my friend and out-of-this-world fashion photographer, Linda Mason. We put our heads together and decided to fill this creative void by designing this destination Fashion Photography Fusion in the Nevada desert. We are so excited to have you with us!

Journey further,
Marisa Marulli

Don't miss this chance to reignite your photographic creativity in a game-changing way!

This fashion photography retreat is one incredible fusion of everything you need — no matter which type of photographer you are. Join us just outside of Vegas (where the real magic happens) to witness the magic of the Mojave!

Designed to every detail possible await vibrant and amazing models ready to exude the complex characters created by Linda Mason and I. We’ve been researching and studying intimately the inner workings of characters, from patterns and textures to symbolic references. This is going to be like nothing before!

When each day’s photoshoots end, we return to our Westin Lake Resort, a retreat-worthy hotel we picked with intention. With its lush rooms and Moroccan inspired design, it is the perfect place to feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

If you’re feeling stifled with obligations and routines at home, your creativity is stifled too. It’s simple: When we’re busy, we don’t have the mental space to allow our creativity to breathe. We invite you to let all of that go, to come join us in this creative endeavor and immerse yourself in these magic stories as if you’re in a different time and place!

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The Western Femme

Our creative inspiration. A tribal warrior, a futuristic wanderer, a keeper of the mine, and more… They have history. Each has a strength. She withstands extreme drought and yet she continues to nurture in power. Her connection to Mother Earth is a deep bond and she remains timeless and bold.

1 Part Photo Fusion / 1 Part Retreat

WHY THIS IS THE photography retreat
for you

Here is what makes our desert photo fusion stand out from all of the rest:

  • This photo fusion is exclusively limited to ten participants!

  • With two photography experts (including character-creating mastermind and portrait photographer Linda Mason) and no more than ten participants, you will absolutely receive the one-on-one attention you and your photography passion pursuits deserve!

  • Our expert fashion photographer knows character-creation intimately and will be giving us the most immersive stories - with full wardrobes, hair, makeup and lighting all included!

  • We have chosen the best of the West! Our desert scenes include unique ghost towns, sandstone textures, desert cactus and more!

  • We will photograph natural light settings, and scenes with intentional strobe lighting.

  • We’re here to give you the space to create. Enjoy feeding your passion and creativity each day, then come back to a resort with amenities and delicious meals. Just the blank slate you need to think of your next shot!

There has been endless energy carrying our plans for our fashion fusion — heck, we created something unlike anything else and it’s filling a void out there!

this photo retreat featured on espn radio

Meet a few of Linda’s previously-created personas:

All below model photography and character generation by Linda Mason.

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Book now and meet
the Women of the Desert West!


april 11

We will settle into our accommodations at the retreat-worthy Westin Lake Resort in Henderson, located twenty miles from Las Vegas McCarran International Airport.

Let’s remember, this is a fashion photography fusion and retreat! We have very intentionally chosen our hotel, organized schedules, delectable meals, and scenery based on providing you the mental space to unleash your creatively. Because let’s face it, stress is the exterminator to creativity. And now is your time to come to this amazing place, with amazing energy, and have the space to open your mind and feed your passions!

Our fashion photography fusion will kick off at 6 p.m. with an orientation dinner and a preview of the days ahead! We will also discuss our styles and have a first-look at some of our designs so you can cap your night off by thinking about how you will want to work with the models tomorrow!

Participants can close their night by taking in the fresh air around our Moroccan-designed resort’s outdoor pools and chimineas, having a drink in the breeze, or simply retiring to our lush rooms for a restorative sleep.

It is with rest and peace of mind that our creativity truly ignites!

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Westin Resort (included)

april 12

We start with an energizing breakfast. Today will be filled to the brim with detailed characters in a ghost town setting! Our models will be styled down to every detail — with hair, makeup and full wardrobe — and we will work with both natural and strobe lighting in different scenes. This ghost town bursts at the seems in its creative options: plane, vehicle and building remains, and gorgeous desert landscapes in every direction! There is also an old mine in this area.

Our ghost town is actually a secret and amazing setting of a few world-famous music videos and film scenes.

We enjoy a tasty lunch and keep our eyes open for capturing unique desert landscapes in their own right — which will satisfy nature photography lovers and those who are always collecting backplates for their next creative composite. After a delicious dinner we return to the comfort of our peaceful rooms to rest.

FashionPhotographyWorkshop_GhostTown_TravelPhotographyWorkshop_Marisa Marulli_2.jpg

april 13

After breakfast, our photoshoot will take us to the sweeping views of a staggering red canyon area. We will explore the different natural light opportunities and work with strobe lighting in relationship to our magnificently styled models. We will end our day with a delightful recap perhaps outside by the pool, have dinner and, later, head in for rest.

april 14

We will begin our last day in the desert with breakfast and review everyone’s unique photographs from our shoots together. We will also cover post-processing techniques to really help our photographs stand out. Then we will say our goodbyes to our new fashion photography comrades and return to our hometowns with newly awakened creativity and excitement to share our photographs!

PRICE: $4,500

  • Per person, single occupancy

price includes

  • All accommodations as per itinerary

  • All meals

  • Private-to-our-group transportation to all photoshoot locations in Nevada

  • Two expert photographers' guidance

  • On-site photoshoot assistant

  • Lighting equipment and setup

  • Expert-created Western characters with stories and detailed high fashion

  • Two models

  • Approximately SIX different looks! (Our models will be scheduled for three jaw-dropping looks, each day!)

  • Wardrobe

  • Hair design

  • Makeup design

price does not include

  • Airfare to and from Nevada

  • Transport to and from airport in Vegas (Hotel shuttle is available 24 hours a day at a rate of $25 each way. You will need to call 702-878-4141 to reserve shuttle in advance)

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Additional snacks and beverages outside of included workshop meals

  • Travel insurance (recommended)

  • What is not mentioned as included

Marisa in the press

Modern Nomad: Marisa Marulli - Palm Beach Illustrated cover story and 10-page feature

On Thin Ice: Finding New Life on a Frozen Lake in Siberia - AFAR Media

Linda In the press

Just A Girl And Her Camera, Dark Victorian Fields - Dark Beauty Magazine

Just A Girl And Her Camera, Silent Souls - Dark Beauty Magazine


Marisa Marulli Discusses Career Choices and Highlights Special Workshop - ESPN Radio



  • DSLR camera

  • At least two camera batteries

  • At least two memory cards

  • Your favorite lens (We recommend bringing at least a wide-angle, mid-range and telephoto lens so you are able to seize all photographic opportunities in Nevada)

  • Tripod

  • Shutter release cable

  • Laptop with Adobe Photoshop installed (If you would like to follow along with us during our post-processing conversations, we recommend that you bring a laptop to be able to participate and edit your photographs while with us)

  • Headlamp for ease when wrapping sunset shoots (We recommend something like this because it can switch between a regular and a red, night vision light. While having a regular light will be important for walking or seeing paths, having red lights are important for photographers because this type of light preserves your night vision and does not negatively impact other photographer's exposures in the way that regular light does.)

  • Camera bag (At certain places we will be walking distances from parking areas to the scenes, and therefore you will need to have a bag that can hold the gear you'd like to shoot with. Keep in mind that this usually includes your tripod. You will also want to have some extra room for a water bottle and a packed meal on the days we take our meals to-go.)



*All levels* of photographers

*All types* of photographers

Male and female photographers

Photographers looking to reignite their creativity

Landscape photographers looking to emote the human element

Nature photographers feeling like the need for something more in their scenes

Those ready to take their portrait photography to the next level

Fashion photographers ready to seriously up-level their portfolios

Those looking to convey something more in their portraits — a creative and meaningful message through their portrait photography

Photographers who want to try something new!

Fashion photographers who are looking for an original and authentic location-based photoshoot

Travel photographers looking for a creatively endless workshop, at a retreat pace

Those who want to do things right and honor these beautiful places we visit! We pride ourselves in respecting our landscapes and securing all proper location-based photography permits. Want to learn more about the process? Just ask us! Marisa works with locations like State Parks, National Parks, BLM locations and more to uphold honorable relationships, and she’d be happy to share the process with you!

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April 11 - April 14, 2019






Red Rock Canyon

Nelson Ghost Town

Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort



Strobe lighting

Natural lighting

Working with models

Setting a scene


Fashion photography

Editorial photography

Outdoor fashion photography

Landscape photography

Creation of characters

Post-processing techniques

Individual critiques

photographic themes

High fashion





Western culture



Strobe lighting

Natural lighting



Photography expert: Marisa Marulli

Marisa Marulli is the person who took my love for photography and pushed it over the edge. Prior to her explanation I didn’t know anything about shutter speed and aperture. Not only did she take the time to explain it to me but she spent the time to show me how to do it in the field. She put everything in terms that I could understand and I am forever grateful.
— Frank DiNardi, Haddam, CT
Photography expert: Linda Mason

Photography expert: Linda Mason

Shoot was well conceived, well planned and executed. Awesome.
— George Berner, Palm Beach County, FL

We are CPR First Aid AED trained and certified.

We are CPR First Aid AED trained and certified.

Nevada Fashion Photography Workshop Marisa Marulli.jpeg
Nevada Desert Fashion Photography Workshop.jpeg
Nevada Desert Fashion Photography Workshop_3.jpeg

Nevada scenic photography licensed by Marisa Marulli LLC.

What makes our fashion fusion stand out from all the rest:

  • Exclusivity: A limited and lucky ten participants!

  • One-on-one attention: Having two expert photographers for ten participants promises the hands-on attention you deserve!

  • Expert character creation: Diligent and wildly talented creative director Linda Mason offers us the most visually striking desert characters — conceptualized specifically for this photoshoot!

  • Everything western desert: We have chosen the best of the West! Our desert scenes include unique ghost towns, sandstone textures, desert cactus and more!

  • Strobe and natural lighting: We will photograph natural light settings, and scenes with intentional strobe lighting.

  • Retreat setting to nurture your creativity: We’re here to give you the space to create. Enjoy feeding your passion and creativity each day, then come back to a resort with amenities and delicious meals. Just the blank slate you need to think of your next shot!

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save $500!


Alaska travel

Plan to arrive at the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport (LAS) by around 4 p.m. on April 11 (our orientation dinner begins at our hotel at 6 p.m.).

Our hotel, The Westin Lake Resort, works with a 24-hour shuttle service which will provide you transportation between the airport and hotel for $25 each way. You must make your reservation with this shuttle company in advance. Give yourself a relaxing arrival to Nevada by having someone waiting for you at the airport upon your arrival :)! The shuttle telephone number is: (702) 878-4141.

Ubers are roughly $35 each way; taxis are roughly $45 each way.

At 6 p.m., we will meet in the restaurant of The Westin Lake for introductions, first-looks at our styles, and an orientation over dinner!

departure from nevada

Our last day in the desert will conclude at 11:30 a.m., after reviews and discussion of digital processing techniques.

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Fashion Photography Workshop
fashion photography workshop
fashion photography workshop


This itinerary is subject to change. The opportunity for photography is based on proper weather conditions. If the weather conditions are in any way hazardous or unfavorable, the photography guides reserve the right to cancel in-the-field instruction for affected days.