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Marisa Marulli

founder, photographer, expedition leader

Marisa is an explorer, photographer and journalist with a passion for connecting people to the unknown. She founded Further Photo Expeditions to show people the wonders of Planet Earth, so that they may in turn be inspired in their lives and in their desires to protect it.

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Peter Zelinka

photographer, expedition leader

Peter has spent the last year living out of his car, traveling the United States and capturing its beauty — specifically the night sky. Peter’s astrophotography inspires thousands all over the world. His YouTube tutorials have people creating their first images of the night sky, and have others taking their skills to the next level.

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Jason Page

photographer, inventor, expedition leader

Jason spends three nights a week in the middle of a swamp in South Florida. Each time, he pushes the limits of what is possible in-camera, in one shot. Not much time passed before he invented Light Painting Brushes and started a world-wide community of people who utilize his tools to create incredible effects in-camera.

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Brady Bessette

Videographer, Photographer, Expedition Leader

Brady’s love of adventure and content creation is infectious! He joined one of our expeditions with the goal of creating a great brand video for us, and we knew very quickly after working with him that he needed to be on the adventures with us!

If you’re on an expedition with Brady, expect him to stop the drivers, hop into the brush and capture incredible content!

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Frank DiNardi

videographer, photographer, expedition leader

Ever since Frankie was a child, he loved remote control vehicles. Trucks, cars, planes and boats — you get it, right? During his first drone flight in April 2016, he knew he was controlling a remote object he loved more than any in the past. Within minutes he was hooked, and not a lot of time passed before he began making amazing content. A local New Englander and just a super kind guy, he loves sharing his passion of content creation with others.

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